Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bunk House: Before and During

This was the entrance to the bunk house the first time I saw it.  So far we have painted the walls and cabinets, removed the uppers and installed the open shelving, done about half of the trim and generally made it functional with a microwave.  Next week Dan is going to build and install a concrete counter that spans the same length as the shelving and finish the trim.  I will install the woven-wood blind and make a little curtain for the microwave nook.  We are designing the space to be used as a guest house long term, hence the decision to forgo the stove.  Also, it was ugly and I hate to cook.

I'm going back and forth on lighting for this room... I have 2 lights.  One is a very simple industrial-style glass pendant, the other is an over the top black iron / crystal 13 light chandelier.  I really can't choose!  Right now it has a dusty old ceiling fan.
 I didn't get a before picture of the boy's loft.  It's the space to the right of the pony wall in this picture.  It is 6'6" deep by 14 feet long.  The second I saw it I wanted to put 3 little beds in a row, Orphan Annie style.  It's not 100% done, I will post details when it's totally finished, but so far I love this little spot.

Ahh, the luxurious master.  There's my long- suffering realtor, he's in a lot of the before pics.  I forgot how bad that area rug was!  I removed the closet shelves and hung a curtain in front of the hay-loft access door.  Oh!  That reminds me... My sister saw the bunk house for the first time when she came to pick up the boys, and when we walked through the mudroom to the barn she stopped in her tracks, jaw dropped and screamed, "You live in a BARN?  Those are stables!  You are LITERALLY living in a BARN!!!"   Uh... yeah!  What do you think I've been talking about for the last 2 months?  Well, I think she thought bunk house was a figure of speech... but no... it's literally a barn*

Wow.  This picture really makes me wish I had payed more attention in my required photography class in college.  This area is really turning out great, the colors are so much fun.  I can not abide a dust ruffle, so I went with a blue and white ticking stripe fitted sheet on the box spring, try it, you will like it!  Also, I was planning on ordering a flokati rug, but I forgot and we needed to set up the furniture so I picked this little rug up at home depot, saving about 600 bones, so... oh, well.  There are so many fun textures in this room.  I will make sure and get better images when it is officially finished.  We still have to hang my crystal chandelier... I am so excited about that!

*For the record, we are having so much fun!  When people ask how we are doing, I think I am coming across negatively because my friends seem a little bit worried about me.  For example... we still don't have hot water.  We are bumming showers off our relatives, taking them at the pool, or Dan's office... small price to pay for this little adventure.  We are fine... better than fine... really!  Well, another little hiccup... it's 100 degrees today and if you look at the master pic again, there is no ventilation in that room.  The only upstairs windows are across the loft where the boys sleep, so the upstairs of the bunk house is... really hot... we went to church this morning and now we are at Dan's office hanging out.  I don't mind the heat as much as Dan, he's going crazy.  Mid week it should cool back off.  Who cares?  We are on an adventure and getting to know each other better than we ever imagined.  So far I still like my family.


  1. Your life on the farm looks wonderful!

  2. Umm the answer is the crystal chandelier. Always.
    Everything looks amazing! Good luck, I can't wait for the next update. Miss you guys.

  3. I love it and am living vicariously through you as I am not brave enough to tackle something like this. I miss you but am glad you are loving your adventure!!

  4. Jacqui! It's Laurel (the primary president you met in the Washoe Valley ward on Sunday). At the risk of seeming like a stalker, I must comment here!! I can't believe the Winters Ranch is the place you bought!!! I've always found that house so intriguing tucked in the trees! Aslo, I LOVE watching home renovations (we are just completing the inside of ours and have turned to the outside) and I love your style, so I will now be reading this blog. We are seriously about three miles down the road and you are welcome to come and shower or do laundry or whatever else you need here!

  5. Laura, Hi! I know you love a farm: ) Camille, the chandelier it is. Jen... Seriously? I'm down the road! Come over! Laurel, Hi! Stop on by, and I might need to take you up on that shower offer. I really like the laundry-mat, though! Glad you found the blog.