Monday, July 1, 2013

Some Blogs I'm Loving

My design soul-sister, Christine Dovey of Bijou and Boheme is building a home!  The link is to her inspiration post for the exterior of her home.  My house needs to be painted.  Right now the house and barn are white with forest green shutters and trim and grey shingle roof.  I want to paint it white with black trim and shutters with a kelly green metal roof.  Christine also loves a white house, so I'm totally benefiting from her research.
 While looking for styling ideas for the open shelving in my kitchen,
 I was smitten with this image from A Country Farmhouse.
I had never come across this site before, but this family is a few years ahead of my family on a very similar journey.  Trina and her husband bought a farm in Oregon and lived in the apartment over the barn while they renovated the house.  They did a basic reno of the house and then a more serious remodel later... basically our exact plan. Also, later on they were able to turn the barn apartment into a guest house so perfect it was published in Country Living and landed her an editor position with the magazine.

The blog is so inspiring and also so scary.  They did so much work!  Sometimes when I read blogs it seems like the people have unlimited budgets, but I appreciate that she and her husband did a lot of the work and also are great bargain hunters.  Her family is really young though, and they were living in their barn pre-kids... so my experience will be a little bit wilder.  My style is a little bit wilder as well, but I really love all that she has done.  Another white farm house to adore.  I am SOOO excited.