Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Paolo Castelli

I want to introduce you to my favorite furniture manufacturer, Paolo Castelli. But first, a story. When I was first married I made a friend named Ana.  She was also a newlywed and was setting up her first home. Maybe she gravitated towards me because I am a designer and she was looking for help with her apartment, maybe it was my red hair, but we became friends and have remained close ever since. She and her husband have lived all over the world (romance and wedding in PARIS!), host the most elegant dinners, and always have something interesting to say. When they moved back to Italy a few months ago, Ana contacted me to see if I was able to help her with her new apartment. For the past couple of months we have been working on an e-design plan for her current apartment in Bologna.  Next month I will go there for the install, which brings us back to Paolo Castelli.
Paolo Castelli is based in Bologna. That is also where they manufacture their high end furnishings and lighting.   While I am in Italy, I am meeting with them, attending a museum gallery opening they designed and visiting them at Salone Internazionale del Mobile, International Furniture Show in Milan.  There's a lot more to this story that I look forward to sharing but Littlenickjonas gets back from playing next door, soon. At least now I can just write about this trip in the future and you'll know what I'm referring to.  Here is some more Paolo Castelli eye candy, try not to lick your screen.

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