Friday, January 17, 2014

I can do laundry at my house.

I can do laundry at my house!  Whenever anyone asks how I've been, how the house is coming along or what I want for lunch, the answer is always the same: "I can do laundry at my house!"  I didn't even realize what a hassle it had all been until I brought the dirty clothes downstairs and cleaned them without even leaving my house then took the clean clothes upstairs 90 minutes later and put them away.  It was miraculous.  I am so content.

I met with a little ladies group from church this week (the group was little, not the ladies), and we all went around the room and said how things are going for us.  Responses included, "Next week I'm one year cancer free!"  "It's been a year since I lost my daughter and her kids are doing so much better", and "I can do laundry at my house!"  My cute grandma friends were thrilled for my news, I love them.

Nothing is ever "done" around here.  I need to hang my ironing board, hang the hooks and grout the tile.  Oh, and a door would be nice.  I was questioning the coral color a bit, when I found this pic from Wendy's Look Book.  That's totally the vibe I was going for with my ultra glamorous warrior-housewife under-the stairs washer and dryer, Wendy!  Thanks for the endless validation!

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